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Transits / Transiting Planets

Transits / Transiting PlanetsWhen astrologers talks about transits, it's easy to get confused. First, transits refer to the movement of planets across the sky. The ephemeris (an astrological/astronomical almanac showing orbital movement of the Sun, Moon, and planets) tells us just where the planets are each day. Armed with this information, the astrologer can project (or predict) when a planetary transit might impose its influence on a given individual.

The study of transits, and the effect that they tell, is fundamental in astrology. A transit aspect occurs whenever a planet, moving in orbit, forms a sensitive angle with one of the planets, the Sun or the Moon in your natal horoscope. The transits show the trends in your life the ups and the downs brought about by circumstances that you face. In an earlier time, astrological predictions generally forecast events. Most current day astrologers now see the effects of the transits in more psychological and subtle terms, suggesting opportunities or roadblocks.

The readings are often not very specific, but nonetheless, if you follow them, you will see that they do foretell the essence of events and changes. Transit aspects often signal opportunities or warnings relative to certain activities and actions. Being aware of pending transit aspects may alert you to the time when you should move ahead, and they may also send a clear message that the moment is not the time to stick your neck out. In either case, astrology is not a science upon which you or anyone should base their life.

Transit aspects should not be used as an exclusive tool to make up your mind about important issues, but instead, it's a tool to help make a balanced decision. It may also be a tool to help you understand whatever problem or situation that is occurring in your life at a particular time. If your situation seems to be difficult now, the transit aspects in play may explain why this is so, and when positive changes may be coming about. The good times and the hard times are all part of the human experience.