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Horoscopes and the Planet Mars

Horoscopes and the Planet MarsMars is the director of energies in our horoscopes. Where it is positioned determines the paths in which the energy is most likely going to be directed. The needs of the Moon and the action of the Sun express themselves through the Red Planet and it is one of the most powerful planetary influences for us here on Earth.

If the Sun and Mars are in the same sign of the zodiac Mars will create abounding energy, excitement, and vitality. On the other hand, it can create a hot temper and an argumentative nature. It will set the path for how the Sun sign will take action.

When the Moon and Mars are in the same zodiac sign there is astuteness in dealing with inner desire and giving them practicality. Venus and Mars in the same sign can create quicker emotional reactions. Strong passion in love can be a result of this, but with a tuned sense of being grounded.

Mars is the ruler of the sign Aries, and traditionally ruled Scorpio before the discovery of Pluto. It is considered by some to be a co-ruler of Scorpio. Mars is the ruler of the first house. It is the planet of war, physical drive, and sex. It is aggressive and can sometimes invoke anger or rage. Positive characteristics associated with Mars are independence, self reliance, ambition, determination, and loyalty. Negative characteristics are jealousy, stubbornness, violence, hot temper, rage, and a drive or quick tendency to induce war. Mars is the Roman god of war and the characteristics of the planet are similar to that of the Roman god.

Because the planet Mars is in a sense a next door neighbor to Earth it packs a powerful punch. It is the animal nature in human beings and a filter for how we embrace it.