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Looking At the Moon

Looking At the MoonThe Moon takes on the coloring of the sign that it is in and planets it closely contacts in the horoscope. Governing our emotions and feelings, the Moon rules our feminine side. The Moon also describes our mothers, along with the other women in our life. When a woman is pregnant she becomes much more a lunar being as opposed to a solar one. The Sun is our center, our focus, our identity. The Moon is the Sun's reflection, how we absorb, feel secure, and how we express our sense of trust.

Placement of the Moon in the different signs and elements of the horoscope determines how emotions are expressed along with what makes us feel secure. Because it is without it's own light, the ability to trust other people, situations, as well as ourselves, is of great importance in analyzing placement of the Moon.

The Moon's placement in the Air signs indicates the desire to communicate and verbalize feelings to become emotionally secure.

To achieve emotional security, action and movement are required when the Moon is placed in the fire signs.

When the Moon is placed in the Earth Signs, grounding and stability become most essential.

When the Moon is located in the Water signs, emotional expression often becomes paramount.