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Astrology and Fate

Astrology and FateNeither karma nor astrology point to a rigid and immutable fate. Stars don't rule over our destiny. Stars merely record a destiny that has already been formed. They are only indicators and they often indicate several fate possibilities.

Astrologers themselves say that there are two forces daiva and purusakara, i.e fate and individual energy and the individual energy can modify and even frustrate fate.

It is often seen that when a person turns from the ordinary life to spiritual life, the predictions of the horoscope no more apply to that extent.

When we are connected with our higher self we have unlimited freedom, not at all bound by destiny but rather becomes the master of our destiny.

Finally - I said that in some cases we don't know the outcome had we not followed our intuition. This is very important because once you learn how to trust your intuition you won't need the reassurance of know what would have happened had you not followed your intuition. We can't always know everything and at some point we have to trust and let go - once you learn to do that everything will flow to you naturally and easily.

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