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Dog Signs

Dog Signs


The Aries dog is playful and jubilant. He will growl and be angry for a second and then turn around and forget what ever made him mad. He likes to run and play and will become really depressed if not given enough exercise. Expect this dog to continue to be youthful even when he gets to be an old hound. It would not be unusual for an Aries dog to have some kind of scar of his face.


The Taurus dog can be extremely stubborn and set in his ways and this will increase over time so early training is very important. Usually placid in nature, this dog can become quite angry if he feels his person is threatened. The Taurus do must be watched because he will usually have a nose for chocolate which is very dangerous for dogs. Loving and affectionate, Taurus dogs require a lot of reinforcement and attention to be happy. You may have to make this dog exercise.


Pub like all their life the Gemini dog needs lots of stimulation and toys. Look for a talkative dog and these dogs could even learn to imitate some of the sounds that you make. The need to be the center of attention and yapping a lot is not unusual. You may have to train this dog not to bark as Gemini dogs, like their human counter parts, need to communicate. Verbal reinforcement works very well with this sign and you can get a lot of response by talking with this pet. Moodiness could be a problem and attention to the moment for an extended period of time is a problem. Training periods should be short and spread over time.


The Cancer dog will love you forever even if you do some really mean yelling. This dog may pout for a while but it will forgive. There is usually a love of water and swimming could be a favorite past time. Cancer dogs very often love to howl (even at the moon) and you should consider paying close attention for depression in this pet. Lack of attention can lead this dog to be a little destructive. Over eating is not uncommon.


A proud Leo is a sight to behold. The Leo dog is a great show dog even if he is a mutt. He just has that feeling of majesty and royal demeanor. He needs to be the center of attention and will require a lot of maintenance. This is not a dog you ignore. When left unattended for extended periods of time, the Leo dog can get quite depressed and will need some special gifts and attention to make up for your over sights. Gifts and praise will get this pooch to do anything for you.


The Virgo dog is a born healer -- it will be naturally attentive to you when you don't feel well and will go out of its way to take care of you. The Virgo pup will train early and will not like to live in an environment that is not clean. You can give this dog weekly baths and it will be happy. However, you might once in a while notice that it is looking at you in a disapproving way. The Virgo dog expects you to be perfect in all ways and if your not it will definitely give you some disapproving looks. A great dog to work as a therapy dog.


The Libra dog is happy when loved and showered with attention. This dog does not like to be alone and it is strongly suggested if you must work allot that you get your Libra dog some kind of pet. A need for grooming and attention is very strong in this sign. The Libra dog can get confused at times and you should be very clear about what you expect or it will just sit and look at you with a weird expression. The Libra dog will try to get along with others in its environment and usually will relate well to all other pets in the home. Don't forget to say I love you at least once a day to your Libra dog and expect lots of kisses.


The Scorpio dog will die for you and be extremely protective and possessive. Unless this dog is introduced into a home as a puppy where other pets exist, there may be some problems introducing other pets or even children into the home without some special training and explanation. A highly intuitive canine, the Scorpio dog will sense something is wrong before it happens and may whine and try to warn you. It will also know if you have been disloyal to it if you are a single person and you are dating a new significant other. Powerfully psychic, the Scorpio dog is the one who would find its way home if lost across country.


By golly, the Sagittarius dog is gonna be your buddy. You can count on it. This dog will cheer to go camping. Dance to go running. Pant to do tricks. Just about the most special happy pup on the planet to ride in the car. Are you ready to go, it is waiting. Friendly and outgoing the Sagittarius Dog can look like a real elegant champion one moment and turn into a clown in the flick of an eyelash. A companion in the strongest sense of the world. If given the opportunity, loves to roam on its own.


Prissy as a youth but more carefree as it gets older, the Capricorn dog is a true family dog. It enjoys the better things in life and will demand special food and attention. Look for this dog to seek out the best place in the house to sleep (even if it is your new expensive sofa) and expect it to demand attention from visitors when they arrive. The Capricorn dog considers itself to be human and an equal in the household. Look for a collar for this dog that is rich and elegant but made of natural fibers. This dog is not once which will respond to anything cheap.


Independent and freedom loving, the Aquarian dog will love to roam and meet people. Easily accepting of other pets in the household, the Aquarian Pooch can be a clown one moment and a disappearing magician the next moment. This dog could be erratic in its behavior and will need some real training to overcome a true stubborn streak. Friendly and loyal, this Aquarian dog will demand a certain amount of personal space and time to think (whatever it is dogs think about). At times, you may just think your Aquarian is clueless and then it will do something amazing.


The Pisces pup is a lover. Friendly and loyal, it will look for ways to please you and to get your attention. A dreamy look is often in the Pisces dog's eye and it may like to sleep a lot and appear to even talk in a dream state. An intuitive animal, it will know that you are going away even before you tell your spouse that you have to take a business trip. Warmth and affection are the bread and butter of this pet and you can create a real special bond with the Pisces dog if you are willing to let it enter your magic world. This dog could work as a wonderful familiar for those who like to work in the magic arts. It will listen to you for hours and act like it knows what you are saying... It does.