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Astrology of Being Happy

Astrology of Being HappyThe origin of astrology dates back to about 2900 BC. People consider it as a pious belief on certain powers that affect our life. There are some people who believe that astrology is a science. It can be defined as the art and science of the study of relationships between people and events on earth. The positions, aspects and movement of the sun, moon and eight planets also rule astrology.

All the above-mentioned movements have great influence in human life.

Most people believe that astrology can predict future. However, it is necessary to consider this science as an incredible tool that can help you find the essence of life. The study of astrology and your birth chart by experts will let you learn the proficiency, qualities and talents that you have carried in to this world from previous lives. This will further help you in sharing these qualities and contributing your skills to the wellbeing of this world. The planets have differing qualities of energy and they affect a person's life in different ways.

Astrology helps you leading a happy and peaceful life. Experts in this field believe that the sign each individual is born under was assigned for a reason. The reason becomes visible as one ages and contributes his/her talents and qualities to this world. Astrology is a path that directs us measures to enrich our lives. These measures are effective in building a better and happy life for ourselves.

Astrology points us to people who are compatible to us and allows us to choose friends who can be true company in the long run. The compatibility analysis through astrology leads us to true love of our lives. This is the best way to lead happy life in matrimony.

One of the major influences of astrology in our lives is via the birth chart. The symbols of unfoldment, transits and progression in a birth chart let us visualize the activities and circumstances in store for us in the near future. One can effectively analyze the period when certain issues are most likely to occur in our lives. For instance, the rule of Pluto in mars is a crystal clear indication of the arrival of issues related to anger and assertion in near future.

A birth chart in Astrology has the potential to predict the tendency of a child to perform certain activities in his/her life. The negative and positive traits of a child can also be explored via this science. This will help you in ascertaining the opportunities in your child's life. You can also choose an education pattern or career for a child with the help of predictions by the birth chart of your child.

There is a great significance of celestial bodies and planets in our lives. Astrology believes that these elements control various activities in an individual's life and even possess the tendency to transform certain things happening in one's life. The sun is responsible to provide us the confidence and contributes to our success. A weak sun is an indication of obscure and dull existence. The moon controls our emotions and tendency to be happy and contented in life. Mars facilitates us to push forward and reach our goals. The mercury influences intelligence, communication and our potential to lead a happy life. Jupiter is our teacher and the Venus keeps us in a harmonized position. Saturn is a difficult planet and lets us perform our duties in routine. It is usually understood as the planet of sorrow and detachment.

Astrology has great influence in our lives. It is important to understand the science rather than fearing it. Understanding the importance of astrology in life will help you lead a happy and prosperous life.