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2007 Forecasts

2007 Forecasts


You'll have lots of support if you choose to go back to school to get a degree or pursue any education in one form or another. Your reputation is strong and growing. Because of that, you will win more respect from people in positions of authority. You'll grow spiritually this year, possible expanding your beliefs and philosophies. In other words, you broaden your view. Travel is also highly favored, especially to foreign places. Expect to find luck through culturally diverse endeavors and with people of different backgrounds.

Legally, things should go very well if you are involved in any matters of the sort. If you hope to publish a book or launch a teaching career, consider 2007, the year to accomplish these things. With Jupiter touring the fellow fire sign, Sagittarius, Aries will benefit from its positive energy. All in all, 2007 looks like a pretty darn good year!


You'll be super busy working toward career goals that you've set for yourself early in the year. There's a possible job change coming before spring. This should help your financial outlook with better benefits and perks in store too. You'll deal with family matters and concerns until September, at which point, your attention will focus solely on one child who is having difficulties or you could choose to have children. March's eclipse in Virgo could invite a new romance or a necessary change in a current relationship. In August, a change in personal income is likely, By October, the travel bug bites. Beginning then and for the next six months, you could hit the open road, making memorable vacations.

Saturn will keep you busy tending to home fires, pulling you between work responsibilities and family concerns. But, it's not a bad year if you're willing to take the opportunities that come your way.


Love is no stranger this year as lucky Jupiter brings you lots of opportunity for romance. Cupid's in your corner now, through April and then again August through December. Your finances look great too, especially come October. You may spend some of your new money on a home or furnishings for your current place. Be on the look out for car problems and make sure to do maintenance work if needed. In September, many Gemini will consider moving or remodeling their digs. A spring eclipse brings an opportunity for changes on the career front. This may be unsettling at first but prove to be quite beneficial. As mentioned, 2007 is wonderful for love and relationships of all kinds. Make a point to meet new people. You'll feel truly blessed by the wonderful folks in your life; old and new. A delightful year; especially the first eight months.


Money will continue to be tight for the first eight months of 2007. Heavy Saturn leaves your second solar house after that, meaning the financial choke hold you've been dealing with the past two years will dissolve. Work opportunities look promising, especially if you are in the service industry fields. You'll find that you truly enjoy your coworkers too. Your health looks great but you will have a tendency to put weight on easily. This year, you could also see an ex-lover come back into your life! It's up to you to decide if he/she is worth a second chance. Travel looks wonderful in the spring and fall. Summertime provides you with a wonderful opportunity to explore personal hopes and wishes.

You'll continue to work toward many goals and could see a few materialize by mid-year. 2007 is all about your external world and how it can benefit you.


The good news? Karmic taskmaster Saturn leaves your sign on September 9th and won't return for thirty years. The last two years have been quite interesting, and for many Leos, very challenging. There is a big reward coming for all of your patience and perseverance after September when the tides turn in your favor. However, you will need to become much more diligent about finances. The other good news is that a Jupiter trine to your sun sign makes life quite a bit easier than it has been. Your love life shines and your have wonderful opportunities to build strong relationships. Many Lions will feel a renewed sense of optimism. May though August provides a career opportunity that should be considered. 2007 will bring a welcome relief to the past trying circumstances. It will be a much happier year than the past two.


The first nine months of 2007 should be spent getting your life in perfect order. In other words, get rid of what you don't need: people and habits that are holding you back and dragging you down. By September, when taskmaster Saturn comes to visit for over two years, you will have an easier time if you have already done your homework. The fall of 2007 brings with it a serious tone, one that forces Virgos to make the most of their lives. Sometimes that means letting go of what we think we desperately need, but really don't. Opportunities arise to relocate, sell your home, move or buy new property. Finances will be so-so, but there are great money deals to be made this May and June. Late summer brings a new job, or just extra responsibilities with your current one. But Virgo needs to hold on tight! 2007 could bring a mixed bag of blessings!


Bottom line… You will be very busy in 2007. Most of your time will spend running lots of errands, answering and returning calls and inquiries and planning fun, little trips. You may buy a new car as well. There could be some challenges within your social circle as you decide who's a true friend and who isn't. The spring eclipses could bring about a work change or at the very least, a change in the people you work around. There may be new neighbors moving in down the street. Financial matters require your utmost attention in February, May and October. New love affairs are favored early in the year and also around mid May and early June. Married? Things could be a little rocky in late spring but things flow easier by October. October 2007 through March of 2008 brings an exciting career opportunity. Keep a positive attitude about everything. And remember: whatever you put out comes back to you threefold… So only send out positive vibes.


The new year offers you chance to spend a lot of money, make a lot of money and increase your net worth… But maybe your debt load too. It's your choice, Scorpio, as to how you will use the abundant Jupiter energy that comes your way. Financial matters overall should go well. You should be asking for a raise, or if you own a business, raise your prices. Work hard on the job front because your efforts will pay off after September. You are laying strong foundations. Travel looks great in late February. March brings the opportunity to socialize with some fabulous new friends. It could also bring in a new love affair that's too hot to cool down. Summer is a great time to make a commitment to someone or spend a romantic vacation with the lover of your dreams. In August, you'll be diligent about paying down debt. Yes, it‘s a wonderful year for money. And usually when there's less stress about finances, many other areas of our lives seem to flow easier.


This could be the biggest and best year ever! Jupiter, the planet of good luck and abundance, visits your sun sign until December 18, 2007. This is a year of growth and happiness. Your luckiest cycles fall between now and April and then again between August and December. Career options come especially around March and September. Your love life is hot in the late spring and early summer. Money matters are much better and the cash continues to flow into 2008. You can choose to sit back and enjoy this positive cosmic energy or get out there and work with it, pushing it along, making your far-fetched goals a reality. Which will you do? It'll be an amazing year if you don't allow yourself to get too lazy and content with the status quo.


Consider 2007 a special time for reflective meditation and growth. You are in a good period for people to come back into your life and “reconnect.” You'll have an immense amount of hidden support this new year. March brings good financial news, while April could find you spending a little extra on a road trip or new car. Mid-spring is a great time to remodel or move. Your love life looks fabulous from October onward. If you're hoping to meet a new love, you could fall head-over-heels for someone in late June or early July. The job forecast doesn't show much opportunity for change except around the full moon in April and possibly in late September. But overall, 2007 is a solid, productive year, as long as you're working toward future goals. Expect them to manifest in 2008.


It's who you know this year that will help you get ahead. For most of 2007, you'll feel very social and carefree. However, there may still be some lingering doubts about a certain relationship until September, at which time you must decide whether to move forward or call it quits. New love is on the horizon in June and July. Your work aspects are favorable in May, especially if you're wiling to take charge in a new position, or change fields entirely. It's quite possible you will also see a change in the front office too. Money comes in and goes - but what's new? Travel is best around autumn, when you'll feel less stressed about a relationship and can really relax. In September, things look brighter and better than ever.


Two eclipses will affect you this year, and they are bound to create remarkable changes in your life. Your career is at a high point in 2007 - don't stop until you've reached the top! Anything is possible now on the job front. Get your relationship issues ironed out before September 7th, at which time Saturn will oppose your sign and make things more difficult to deal with. Money is decent. In fact, there are quite a few opportunities (if you are wiling to take risks) that will enhance cash flow. The home front looks and cozy in June and December. Love is no stranger in July or October, but be sure tell your partner exactly what you need and expect form the relationship.