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How Does Astrology Work?

How Does Astrology Work?We really don't know how astrology works. I say this quite honestly to you after 26 years of professional service. We know that early astrologers noticed correlations and documented those. Much astrological theory in recent times has been derived from mythic symbolism, esoteric principles, and therapeutic process.

Oddly enough, most professional astrologers got their start by setting out to prove that astrology doesn't work! The more they studied, the farther away they were from disproof, and the closer they got to seeing the value of astrology in understanding themselves and others.

Western astrology is called "tropical" and doesn't even work with correct physical planetary positions today. Because of the precession of the equinoxes, which make for "ages" such as the Age of Aquarius, Western astrology works instead with a more conceptual or ideal viewpoint. Eastern or Vedic astrology is "sidereal" and more true to physical realities. I have studied both Western and Eastern approaches, and now use Western astrology exclusively only because I am most familiar with it, and know that it does work.

My conclusion however, is that astrology "works" not because the planets cause anything [they don't], or because there is any exact mapping of events to planets [there isn't], but because the practice of astrology - the conversation of astrology - is A COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT ABOUT REALITY AT A VERY DEEP LEVEL, an agreement about life-process, soul-experience, what we're learning individually and collectively, and what meaning we place on our experience.

The birthchart provides an ACCESS POINT to open up a conversation about how the person is creating his life, how he can best maximize his talents, and achieve his goals for the future.