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Fate and Free Will

Fate and Free WillEverything that exists within the entire Universe operates within certain patterns of its existence. These patterns were established in the first instance, by The Creator of the Universe. To many, this Creator is known as God but not to all. Whatever The Creator is called, the human mental perception and acceptance of a Superior Being is very much the same.

The day on which a person was born cannot be changed. This is fate. The position of the planets in the heavens on that day establishes pre-determined cycles and patterns which will be activated at certain times in that individual's life. This is fate.

Some of these cycles and patterns will repeat themselves many times over and others might only occur once in a whole lifetime. Whatever, it exists from the day of birth and cannot be altered by a human being. This is fate.

Human beings have been created with the ability to observe reason and make choices. This is free will.

In all situations in life, a person always has the opportunity to make a choice between at least two different options. This is free will.

The situation itself may not seem to give any choice at all but what will be done about the situation, is the choice. Even if a person decides not to do anything, this is still a choice.

Once a choice has been made, whether it is to take action or to refrain from taking an action of some description, there will be a series of events that follow on from that choice. This series of events is a pattern, which exists within what was chosen. This pattern is fate.

There will be periods in every person's life where a situation or set of circumstances arises that creates the need for a major choice or a decision to be made. These times are a determined factor from the day that person was born. A Personal Horoscope maps out these periods with complete accuracy. This is fate but a fate, which can be recognized long before the time arrives. This is an ability possessed by human beings should they make the choice (free will) to utilize this information that is freely available. All it takes is observation of the cycles of the planets. This then provides the opportunity to be well prepared.

The cycles of the planets are a fated pattern because they are completely established. Exactly how the planet cycles will pan out can be calculated in advance. A competent Astrologer learns to read and understand the manner in which particular cycles work. There are definite times in cycles in which a person should wait and other times to act. This valuable information is so often the difference between success or failure of a particular project, event or desire.

It is not so often that the person's desires are wrong but rather they are choosing the wrong time in attempting to establish it. All people are clairvoyant to some degree. This means an awareness of future possibilities or the desire to accomplish certain things, rises in the mind in advance to the right time to act. People are quite individual in relation to the period of time they tend to sense things in advance. The Personal Horoscope indicates this level. When there is an awareness of there being a "waiting period" and the person is willing to sit this through, all will fall into place very easily when the right aspect of the cycle comes into being. Waiting periods within cycles have their purpose. Generally they stimulate the development of greater awareness and perhaps ways of fine-tuning or altering certain things, which eventually makes all the difference to the degree of success with the final outcome.

When one does not realize they should wait, they will experience the situation not working. There will be the need to try again but sometimes there can be such a sense of failure that the person is not willing to take that chance. This can mean retreating back into something they would prefer to move on from.

All people can look back on their life and see when an alternative choice (free will) to the one made at the time, would have produced quite different results. Sometimes this looking back will be with regret and at other times with a sense of gladness that one decided to move on.

The passage of life and its experiences, develop a sense of knowing. Through careful observation, a person will learn to see the patterns of existence in all sorts of situations in life. This is the development of wisdom. It comes as the years pass by.

One who has gained a certain degree of knowledge and wisdom can recognize another who has not. All parents, for instance, can see patterns their children are establishing with certain modes of behavior. Parents can clearly see the end result of certain actions children are determined to take. People can recognize this about other people, close or otherwise. It is simply recognition of a pattern.

Whether people believe in Astrology or not, all are born with a particular pattern created by the positions of the planets on their day of birth. There will be definite periods in their life when patterns are set off. These will be major turning points. Great change never occurs without there being connections established from the moving planet cycles to the positions planets held at birth. Quite simply, through the observations Astrology affords, one can be prepared!