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Your Personal Key to Happiness

Your Personal Key to HappinessYou probably already know a lot about your zodiac sign by reading your favorite horoscope column. But there's more astrology can tell you than you're a workaholic, a great lover or a dedicated family man. The cosmos can also give help you discover something about personal fulfillment, inner peace and happiness.


The Ram finds personal satisfaction by chasing after a goal, even more so than achieving it. For Aries, they need to constantly have something to strive for; to work toward. If you're doing nothing "new" or have no challenges, no mountains to scale, then you could get very bored with life. You crave excitement and find inner happiness with the "chase"; the thrill of the hunt... of course you want to win too. You thrive on competition; proving to yourself and everyone else that you're number one! But it's the "getting there" that matters the most.

Happiness Key: Pushing yourself farther than you've ever gone before


Your sense of fulfillment comes from security. But rather than this meaning money, investments, a nice house which most Taurus strive for; it's about security that comes from “within”. Finding that special place deep inside yourself that feels safe and secure; knowing who you are, your talents, wisdom, peace, spirituality and yes, even your faults. Feeling secure with yourself to accomplish anything you set out to do. That "I CAN DO IT" attitude.

Happiness Key: Making money not for what you can buy with the cash but for the experiences you can afford that enrich your life.


Your happiness comes from getting in touch with your inner child and allowing her to express herself in many creative ways. Simple pleasures touch your heart and soul. Being able to "play", let your hair down and just acting plain silly sometimes, brings you joy. Communicating your inner most thoughts and desires and being "heard" is very important to the Gemini. You love to share ideas and dreams with others.

Happiness Key: Allowing yourself to dream "big" like a child would; making no excuses as to why you can't achieve a far-fetched goal. Then going after your wildest dream!


Your Happiness Key is your home and family; and feeling safe and secure in your environment. You gain the greatest pleasure knowing that you can nurture and love others and receive that love in return. You need to own a home or have a special place you feel is “home”; a place that is your safe haven away from the world; somewhere that you can retreat from the harsh realities and find peace and solace.

Happiness Key: Emotional security; whether that is in a relationship or within oneself.


You receive the most happiness when you give. You have the biggest heart in all the zodiac and love to dote on those you love. Sometimes you go overboard with your generosity. You also find happiness in being the object of someone's affection and attention. You loved to be lavished, adored and made over too... and you always reciprocate. Your happiness comes from being in love and unselfishly giving to one another. You feel extra special when you are appreciated for your efforts.

Happiness Key: Allowing yourself to love freely, unconditionally and wholeheartedly


You need to be needed so you feel most fulfilled when you are helping others in time of need and crisis. It's not that you necessarily crave crisis but you draw it to you because your soul wants to “save” others who have issues. You also find happiness in your work. You need to keep busy. A Virgo who has nothing to do, usually get depressed. You find pleasure in being “useful” and contributing to society and other people's lives; in hopes of helping they become more productive, happier and healthier too!

Happiness Key: Being needed and APPRECIATED by others; making a difference in someone's life.


You were born to love! You feel best when you in a happy, healthy relationship. So therefore, one of the keys to your personal fulfillment is finding your soul mate. You are a peace keeper and often called upon to mediate or bring people together. You are constantly striving for balance in this Libra lifetime; making sure that there is peace and harmony in all areas of life.

Happiness Key - Finding and being with your soul mate. Experiencing a loving, secure relationship


Your personal fulfillment comes from a deep sense of knowing that you can survive anything and come back from a crisis stronger than ever. You have a death wish! But not in the sense of mortal death. It's more like breaking down an area of your life that is not working for you; completely letting it die and then rebuilding on a more solid ground. Scorpio do this all the time, whether they are aware of the process consciously or not. Let's think big here! Let's say you have a million dollar business and lose everything one day due to a bad economy or a bad accountant! You file bankruptcy and walk away from the business, only to start a new business the following year which grows to even greater heights and makes you triple the amount of money. You came back, baby!

Happiness Key - You gain the most satisfaction from making it back to the “top” bigger and better than ever.


You are a seeker of truth; someone who loves to travel, to find the deeper meaning to life; to explore and experience more than the average person. You look at this world, not as so very big, but as place that is accessible to you if you take the time to explore and understand it. Your personal fulfillment comes from being free to explore, grow and understand the mysteries of life and yourself. Knowledge is power and the more you learn, the richer you are.

Happiness Key - Spiritual growth. Tapping into your higher power and using it to manifest positive experiences and relationships.


You are a high achiever and strategist. You find fulfillment in organizing a game plan and following through. You are not satisfied with the status quo. What is perfectly okay for most people, is not enough for you since you set very high standards for yourself. You believe in a hard day's work and that the end justifies the means. You love to formulate a game plan, work towards it and reap the rewards of your efforts.

Happiness Key - Proving to yourself that you achieve whatever it is you set out to do, on your terms and in your own unique way.


The Water Bearer want to save the world or at least make it a better place. You are a humanitarian at heart and gain much inner satisfaction from changing perceptions, outmoded ideas and helping the less fortunate, whether you are a catalyst for change on a national level, in your own neighborhood or at your work station, you are always striving to make things better. You have great vision and if you use your inner wisdom can do great things to make the world a much happier place. Your friendships are extremely important to you and you gain great pleasure from “belonging” to a specific group of like minds.

Happiness Key - Making a difference in small and big ways to help Planet Earth


You are a Mystic and a healer. You gain inner happiness by working with your intuition and helping others through crisis by offering advice, healing and sometimes sacrificing yourself to help others on their path. You love to please people. You find inner peace by knowing that you have touched someone's life in such a way that they are better for it. You also find happiness by exploring the depths of your spirituality; by allowing yourself to daydream and not get caught up in the harsh realities of the world. Your strong imagination helps you do this. By offering your attributes of compassion, sympathy and empathy to others, you feel as if you are fulfilling your soul's purpose. You love it when you are placed in positions to use your spiritual gifts as a way to help others.

Happiness Key: Making a difference in other's lives in a profound way. Using your intuition to guide you to circumstances and situations that aid in your soul's highest growth.