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The Moon: A Quick Gauge to Your Daily Emotional Barometer

The Moon: A Quick Gauge to Your Daily Emotional BarometerWhat will the weather forecast be today? Will it rain, snow, sleet, or hail? Does it seem to be clear sunny skies, along with a gentle light breeze? To determine what the weather is, you can look outside your window, read the barometer, or check the sky to see if it's sunny or cloudy. To gauge your emotional climate, look at where the daily Moon is and you will be able to determine what the overall emotional energy of the day will be. Actually, the span is two and a half days, since the Moon travels across one sign of the zodiac approximately every two and a half days in order to journey through all twelve signs during the course of one month.

It's not hard to keep track of where the Moon is located on a daily basis, since all the information available on, through a daily astrological Moon Calendar and ephemeris.

Knowing the right time to plant which varieties of vegetables and plants, and which Moon signs are fertile or barren, is just one way knowing what sign the Moon is currently in helps us out. The same rule applies to us in our daily lives, knowing what the energies and overall tempo of the day will be when the Moon is in each of the twelve signs will help us to chart our own course for the day, and give us a good idea of what activities we can best pursue during that particular Moon phase.

Take a look below to discover what you can expect when the daily Moon is in each sign:


Hot tempers and rash decisions can be the norm when the Moon zooms into racy Aries. It may be a case of ‘I want what I want when I want it, and that's right now'. Passion is on the increase, and romantic and sexual relationships can reach fever pitch quickly, but those tempestuous feelings can vanish into thin air just as fast as they arrived. This is an excellent time to begin new projects. It's also a great time to clean out your closets, since you will be able to quickly sort through your stuff, and get rid of what you don't need, or want.


Mellow moments are a highlight of this Moon passage, so make the most of them and be sure to get outdoors for a nature walk. This is a great time to buy plants, and work on your garden. Relaxation comes easily for you now, and you can really de-stress and de-tox during this transit. Prepare to enjoy a great couple of days when you can just kick back and watch the grass grow. Schedule a massage for yourself if you can, or ask your partner for one, and offer to give them one in exchange.


It's chat-fest time, so get ready for an episode of communication extravaganza. Emails, text messages and snail mail letters flow like lava from Mt. Vesuvius, and the phone lines buzz along like little bees. Gossip and rumors fly around the office, and the more outrageous and unlikely, the faster they will be repeated. Siblings and neighbors may need special attention, and even if they don't, this is an excellent time to connect with them, and see how they are doing.


Here comes rain! The water starts to flow in more ways than one when the Moon enters into a water sign. Look for heavy skies and a feeling of dampness and that doesn't just apply to the outdoors. You may begin to turn on the waterworks over the slightest occurrence, from feeling nostalgic at watching cable TV shows from your childhood to re-reading old love letters. Cook to your heart's content during this transit, since your domestic diva side will thrive.


Fiery Leo roars into life when the Moon settles down here for a visit, and you will find your confidence begins to grow once that happens. It's a wonderful time to ask for a raise, or to do a little marketing for yourself. Expect to feel as if you can conquer the world, and to have a new bold step to your walk, and talk. Try to keep your perspective on any situations you encounter, since the tendency to be melodramatic is strong right now.


Criticisms can fly during this Moon placement, so watch what you say and try not to take personally what is said to you. On a more positive note, this is a great time to start a new diet, stop smoking, or embark on an exercise routine. Health issues will interest you, and if you need to see the doctor or dentist, this is a good Moon passage to book an appointment under. You'll ask the questions you need to, and get answers you will understand.


When the Moon is in Libra feel free to see your hairstylist and get a new look. With Venus leading the way as the ruler of Libra, anything to do in the beauty department of your life will go favorably for you. Get a manicure, update your wardrobe, or change how you do your makeup. In addition, diplomacy and team work carry the day, and if you need to reconcile with someone, this is a wonderful Moon passage to do it in.


Intense feelings can flood you without warning during this Moon transit, so don't over-react and make any emotional decisions before you think them through. You'll find your perception is on target and you'll be able to scout out the hidden agendas of those closest to you, both personally and open the job. It's a good time to have a real heart to heart talk with a friend, and probe the secrets of the universe together.


The urge to travel or to change your day to day routine will occupy your thoughts during this Moon transit, so try to get away if you can, even if it's just for a country drive. It might be a good idea to take a day trip to the city nearest to you if you are feeling especially cooped up. Philosophical thoughts will keep your mind busy during this period, and you may pop into your local library or bookstore to read further along those lines. It's a good time to buy a pet, if you're in the market for one, or offer to dog walk for a neighbor or friend.


Duty calls when the Moon rests here. Is it true that more responsibility seems to be heaped on your plate today, or does it just seem that way? Combat any temporary feelings of depression by allowing yourself to count your blessings, and memorize all of your accomplishments, even those you think of as trivial. They are not, so add them to your list. This is a good time to make a list for yourself of what you really want to accomplish in life, and set some goals for yourself.


Expect bizarre behavior to come at you from all sides during this eclectic transit, and you won't be surprised. Out of the ordinary experiences, and people, will come into your orbit during this sojourn of the Moon, and you will feel very tolerant and accepting of others. Inventiveness will flourish for you, and you can count on a lot of unique and original thoughts to pop up into your mind-set. Be sure to make note of what they are, and write them down, for future reference.


Creativity and inspiration will flow like a river through your innermost self, and your imagination will take over your logical brain. It's a time of castles in the air and daydreams, so if you want to schedule a movie watching marathon, this would be a good time. It's not a good time to make any long-lasting decisions, since there may be a lot of confusion or misinformation muddying the waters. Give yourself time to think and wait a day or two before you sign any leases or contracts.