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Success by the Stars

Success by the Stars

Timing is Everything!

Success to most of us means the achievement of our goals in life. Astrology teaches that the stars and planets are a map to our personalities and a guide to our place in the world. An analysis of your horoscope can indicate the areas in which you are most suited to formulate goals and the likelihood of their attainment. This applies to the identification of a suitable career, the timing of ventures and the eventual outcome of any project.

The Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant or rising sign, along with the position and aspects of the ruling planet, are good guides to character and success, especially in relation to the planets and signs governing the sixth and tenth houses. The position and aspects of the benefics (Venus and Jupiter) and the malefics (Mars and Saturn) also give a good indication, as strong benefics smooth the pathway to success, while the malefics point out the obstacles and also the motivating drives.

No Horoscope Remains Static

No horoscope remains static. Growth patterns develop and circumstances change, according to the potential of the birth chart and the conditions that are marked for future expression. The progressions to the horoscope reveal the inner growth patterns that show our stages of growth. The transits, especially of the outer planets, reveal the external influences governing the circumstances for the various areas of life, whether financial, career-oriented, and romantic or other matters of concern. The transits and progressions set the stage. A good understanding of this can save a lot of wasted time and energy, by surfing the wave of nature, rather than being swamped!

For example, the transit of Jupiter through the 10th house brings a stack of energy and enthusiasm that inspires your ambitions. As the nature of Jupiter is expansive and fortunate, the year in which this transit occurs will expand your career and other long range goals. It's the time to go after what you want, to promote yourself and your interests with all your might.

This fortunate period brings the recognition and the rewards that you have earned. Jupiter is generous, so you might also receive recognition or rewards that you have not really earned. This may seem a stroke of good fortune, at least in the first place. However, a lack of accountability or merit may mean that what has been easily gained can be easily lost. This is governed by aspects and other chart factors.

Annual Transit of Jupiter

Jupiter has been in Virgo since Aug. 11, 2015, but is now ready to move into Libra on September 9, 2016, where this mighty influence will be active until March 31, 2017. Jupiter's transit of each sign lasts for about one year, so it sets the underlying tone for the year under consideration. As there are twelve signs, Jupiter transits the tenth house of your chart every twelve years. Of course Jupiter's benefits are also modified by other factors, including the strength of your natal Jupiter, Sun, Moon and so on. Jupiter travels through other houses of the chart in his twelve year cycle, making aspects to the planets in your chart as he goes.

2016 has seen Jupiter in Virgo, so Sagittarius has been the beneficiary of his largesse (Where Aries is the beginning of the 1st House, Sagittarius is the 10th house counting from Virgo); however, this year, as Jupiter transits Libra, will bring a good dose of fortune to Capricorn! Here is a table that shows the Jupiter signs by transit and Jupiter's Mid-Heaven (MC or 10th house positions), relatively speaking.

After 2019, the cycle begins again in 2020, with Jupiter once more in Capricorn.
When Jupiter forms positive aspects with planets, especially the Sun, Moon and Ruling Planet, great periods of benefit are awakened. Difficult aspects can still mean benefit, but pose the danger of over-confidence and recklessness. Again, this is governed by other factors, which can be discovered through a detailed analysis of your personal chart and its developments. You need to get your chart done to check your rising sign and also to see how this affects your own chart in terms of timing.

Naturally there is more to this than can be outlined here and other factors are also very important with regard to the likelihood of success, but Jupiter is a good example of how the planets reveal timing. It is best to work with nature, rather than against her, so in any venture, important decision or formulation of a life-plan, the wise individual takes the stars into consideration.