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The Houses in Mundane Astrology

The Houses in Mundane Astrology

First House

Corresponds to the country and its people, the masses, the outlook of the nation, its attitude as a unit, the strength and vitality of the country as a whole, national traits and habits. This house represents those being governed, the nation or group as a whole. The sign on the cusp and planets within represent outlook, image and characteristics. The First House concerns include domestic and interior affairs, general conditions, the health and well-being of the tax paying citizens, opinions, public consciousness and psychology of the masses. Planets in the First House are important, adding to the interpretations based on the sign on the cusp.

Second House

Corresponds to the economy, national wealth and prosperity, purchasing power of the nation, liquid assets, national expenditure, revenues and ability to make profits. This house represents banks and financial institutions, money markets, investments, stocks, bonds and shares. It represents the currency and its circulation, liquid assets, consumer spending, commerce and all activities connected with money. Museums and galleries fall here.

Third House

Corresponds to all forms and methods of transportation and communications. It rules roadways, bridges, railways, automobiles and buses, traffic, transit and public travel facilities by land, sea or air. It rules all communication departments having to do with news or information conveyance such as newspapers, periodicals, magazines, radio, television, mail, the Post Office, telephones, Internet. It rules advertising, the media, literature, schools, Board of Education, speech and language. This house also represents relations with neighboring countries and has to do with local losses sustained by accidents or storms.

Fourth House

Corresponds to the living conditions of the population, housing, real estate, farming and agriculture, crops and produce. This house represents the Homeland, the Flag, and patriotism. It has to do with the interests of the people. It rules mining, mines, minerals, coal pits, quarries. It reflects upon the land and weather conditions; earthquakes, landslides, forest fires, floods, mining disasters, holocausts of war. It rules the opposition party in government, or the party out of power. A planet near the cusp affects the weather according to its nature and if a malefic, may negatively impact the government.

Fifth House

Corresponds to children and their interests, amusement parks, movies, the theatre, arts, places of entertainment, sports and leisure. It rules gambling, lotteries, games of chance, speculative interests and is linked to the economy through speculation in the Stock Market. This house represents enjoyment, fun, social functions, high society, and public happiness or sorrow. It rules the birth rate, as well as the public school system (with the 3rd). It rules ambassadors and government representatives.

Sixth House

Corresponds to the laboring classes and volunteers who work for pay such as those who enlist in the Army, Navy, Police and Civil Services. It rules employment, unemployment and wage conditions. It rules labor unions, labor organizations, all branches of the Military and issues of national defense. It rules organizations that serve in times of crisis such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army. This house also represents public health, medical services and health workers; nursing, dentistry, practitioners and healers. Through its connection with health, this house rules food and drink.

Seventh House

Corresponds to foreign relations, international disputes, war and peace, treaties, alliances, truces and/or disputes, and open enemies. It also has to do with national disputes and anything that interferes with or contributes to public harmony. It rules dealings with others, business relationships, mergers and agreements. This house represents public attitude toward marriage and divorce and the marriage and divorce rates. It rules women or the status of women in the nation (the Fifth House also rules conditions impacting “women and children”).

Eighth House

Corresponds to mortality rates, funerals, morgue, coroner, the kinds of people who die and vital statistics. It rules foreign stocks and bonds, the Stock Market, taxes, the national debt, interest rates, inheritance and capital gains taxes. It rules insurance companies, settlement of damage claims, pensions and Social Security benefits paid out. This house represents public income and earning power from investments and frozen assets. This house also represents financial relations with other nations, debts from foreign countries, financial status of competitors and of enemies in time of war.

Ninth House

Corresponds to long distance travel whether for passengers or commerce; air travel, shipping, sea traffic, foreign imports and exports, foreign lands, high seas, and weather conditions around the coasts. It rules foreigners, exchange students, immigration and long distance communication. It rules ecclesiastical and legal professions, religious affairs and religion, the church, justice, lawyers and law courts. It represents universities, academies, higher education, science, publishing, books, publications and educated classes active in writing, publishing and professional fields such as professors, journalists and those who control the media. It reflects the attitude of the press toward the public.

Tenth House

Corresponds to the president or prime minister, the chief executive, the government and the person representing the government as its head. This house rules the leadership and it reflects upon the nation's status among other nations, its honor and recognition abroad, the nation's influence in the world and world opinion of it. It rules the party in power. This house also represents famous or eminent persons. The most favorable planets in this house are the Sun or Jupiter.

Eleventh House

Corresponds to the friends and allies of the nation and the legislative branches of government. This house rules the institutions of government such as the legislature, Senate, House of Representatives, as well as local governments. It rules the VP, legislation and politics, associations and community groups, and the Stock Exchange as an organization. The Eleventh House represents the nation's aims, desires, purposes and projects. In a national figure, it rules the Treasury.

Twelfth House

Corresponds to disturbances or conditions that work against the public welfare. This house rules correctional institutions, places of detention, jails, and prisons. It rules places of confinement; hospitals, retirement homes and charities. It rules things that are hidden; secret groups, secret government entities, spies, and secret enemies. It rules crime and criminals, terrorist activities, hostage situations, behind the scenes manipulation, involuntary services ordered by law, organizations devoted to forcible control or condemnation of people, slavery, covert aggression or conditions of exile.