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Sun Sign Attitudes: A Mental Health Checkup

Sun Sign Attitudes: A Mental Health CheckupHow often have you heard someone say, “That really galls me,” or, “Get off my back,” or, “I wouldn't bend my knee to her,” or any number of other clichés that refer to bodily functions or anatomical parts? It's important to realize that the subconscious mind is not always able to differentiate between the positive and negative data we feed it, nor does it always make distinctions between aphorisms and fact. Perhaps you once said, when referring to someone you didn't like, “She really makes me sick,” and then within days you landed in bed with the flu. Thoughts are things.

Anatomical functions that relate to these age-old clichés are ruled by the signs of the zodiac, there is also a direct relationship between the psychological needs represented by the twelve signs and the physiological functions each rule. When the needs of the signs are suppressed or the physical functions they rule are referred to irreverently, the body often suffers the consequences.

Your Sun sign describes what you need in your life in order to feel vibrant and important. When the needs of your Sun sign are not met, personal energy is diminished or misdirected and physical diseases could occur. Here is a rule of thumb to follow when considering how distressed signs manifest in illness: Dis-eases of internal bodily functions are induced by repressed needs and energy, while external dis-eases that are visible to others often occur as a result of excessive or aggressive behaviors.

For example, a broken ankle can result from careless action. Ulcers, on the other hand, are usually caused by pent-up emotional stress. What types of dis-eases are you prone to experience based on the Sun's sign position on the date of your birth?

Aries (Head)

Your personal fulfillment is dependent on your fearlessness to initiate new activity independently. You “shine” as you develop your potential for leadership and tap into the courage that is required to blaze new trails. Do you have the freedom you need to do your own thing without undue interference from others? If you fear taking the initiative to secure your independence, Aries discomforts could be the result.

Headaches are symptoms that your freedom is being compromised. Perhaps you feel trapped, unable to “be yourself.” If your need for leadership (to be the “head”) is threatened, headaches could result. When obstacles to freedom occur you feel as if you are “hitting your head against a brick wall” and getting nowhere fast.

When meeting others for the first time, your, face is the first thing they see. What does your face tell them about who you are? Head or facial wounds may be your way of showing others that you have recently overextended boundaries by being excessively aggressive, or that you allow others to dominate you. Small burns or fevers, also Aries-ruled, can be your response to being “burned.” Fever blisters can say the same thing.

Acne is another Aries-ruled disorder. How many adolescents suffer from an inability to be themselves? Frustration results when told to both grow up and act their age, all in the same breath. The resulting frustration, if not handled outwardly, can erupt in facial welts.

In summary, Aries dis-eases are a result of “identity frustration.”

Taurus (Neck)

While Aries is concerned with action for action's sake, Taurus needs to create something valuable that can be demonstrated in some tangible way. Productivity and practicality are key words that qualify your self-worth. When your value (material or otherwise) is compromised, dis-eases associated with the neck and throat could result.

Possessiveness and envy at one level, or lack of productivity and self worth at another, can lead to sore throats. Tonsillitis, for example, often corresponds to a period in a child's development when his or her “worth” is challenged. When sore throats interrupt your usual productive schedule, it might be wise to ask yourself, “What is it that I just can't swallow?” Or, “Who is challenging my values or self worth? “ Or, “To what have I become overly attached?” Coughs and choking, on the other hand, can result from taking in too much or fear of letting go of what has no future value. Because Taurus is a fixed sign, change is seldom easy.

In summary, Taurus dis-eases are a result of misplaced values or low self-esteem.

Gemini (Arms, Hands, Shoulders, Lungs, Nervous System)

You need to gather information from a wide variety of sources in order to fulfill your innate curiosity. You learn by association, or by “connecting the dots.” While these skills lead to a talent for multitasking, the potential to spread yourself too thin can lead to difficulty channeling or focusing your thoughts. Injuries to the hands and fingers are common signs that you have your “fingers in too many pies.”

Likewise, when ideas are repressed or verbal communication is prohibited, nervous habits can result. Gemini is associated with smoking because of its rulership of the lungs. Geminis are particularly vulnerable to this habit because they tend to be high-strung. Gemini also rules the shoulders, how many times have you sat over a computer and had your shoulders ache from muscle tension? Has your Gemini glow been extinguished by your lack of mobility or because your curiosity and need for variety are not being met? In summary, Gemini dis-eases are a result of boredom or unfocused mental energy.

Cancer (Stomach and Breasts)

You are the great protector. You discover your own importance as a result of creating and enforcing safety zones, not only for your own protection but to assure the safety of those people and things you hold dear. However, when your need for strong emotional foundations is threatened in some way, the breasts or stomach could experience the resulting pain.

Upset stomachs or ulcers are two potential outcomes of excessive emotional stress. If you suffer from one of these discomforts, ask yourself: What is going on in your life that you can no longer “stomach?” Like the crab whose pincers hold on to its prey at the cost of its own life, it is important that you learn to let go when circumstances show the time is right to do so. Instead of nurturing the problems surrounding you and watching them grow, try releasing your hold with love.

Because Cancer is the most nurturing of all of the signs, it isn't surprising to find that it rules the breasts and ovaries. If you feel unable to nurture, or what you love has been “torn from your breast,” physical difficulties in these areas could result.

In summary, Cancer dis-eases are the result of feeling unneeded or emotionally unsafe.

Leo (Heart and Spine)

Your sign is the “heart” of the zodiac, ruled by the Sun's brilliant splendor. You grow in self-awareness as you see your own personality reflected on everything that you touch and everything that you create. You need to shine and take pride in all that you do. You are not happy when someone else overshadows your role on center stage. It is not easy for you to ask for help when life presents heavy burdens. Perhaps this is why so many who share your Sun sign suffer from frequent back pain. If you fall into this category, ask yourself, “Have I taken on too great a load because I am too proud to ask for help?” Can you “bend” your will without feeling spineless?
You need to put your whole heart into what you are doing, and you want others to value your efforts. Heart patients often confess to a building fear of not being appreciated. Some literally fall victim to a “broken heart.”

In summary, Leo-ruled dis-eases are a result of misplaced ego.

Virgo (Intestines)

Your purpose is to distinguish the difference between what is valuable and useful and what is superficial waste. You need to be efficient and productive, and you are discriminating in the techniques that you use to accomplish these ends. As information is accumulated, it must be analyzed to see the value contained within it. What proves to be superfluous is eliminated while what is deemed valuable is put to good use.

So it is with your body. Food is processed in the intestines. Part of its substance is absorbed through the intestinal walls while the rest is prepared to be eliminated. Failure to use discrimination in both what you eat and in what you do can result in intestinal distress.

If you suffer from such dis-ease, ask yourself: What is going on in your life that you are unable to “digest?” Is your life out of order in some way? Are you being discriminating without becoming excessively critical? Are you helping others by providing them with tools to help themselves?

In summary, Virgo dis-eases are a result of lack of discrimination or excessive criticism.

Libra (Kidneys)

Balance and harmony are your ultimate goals. You grow in consciousness as you learn to share experiences and ideas with others. Interaction leads to objectivity—an important ingredient for your success. By sharing with others you learn to understand contrasting points of view, which cultivates an awareness of the importance of polarity, equality, and justice for all.

Imbalances in your personal life that interfere with your need for a counterpart can create an imbalance in the body's functioning, particularly in the kidney function, The role of the kidneys is to purify the body of toxins and irritants. When relationships become “toxic” to the point that you lose your equilibrium, physical dis-ease can result.

An unfulfilled craving for a partner with whom to share your life can result in a craving for “sweets” which can exacerbate diabetes. Sharing, working side-by-side with others, and seeing the needs of others as equal in importance to your own without losing your identity in the process can help minimize Libra disorders.

In summary, Libra dis-eases are a result of imbalances between the self and others.

Scorpio (Sexuality and Elimination)

Scorpio is the sign of regeneration. You are intense and powerful and oh, so magnetic. Your purpose in life is to unite your power with the power of others in order to create something together that you alone could not, This requires trust; this requires passion; this requires sacrifice.

Regeneration and release are the major lessons involved with this sign. Resentments that hang on, a fear of letting go, or an excessive drive to control can easily lead to blockages in both the body's elimination process and in your sexual drive.

It is interesting to note that when we feel completely out of control, we tend to use clichés or profanities that refer to either the body's elimination process or the sexual function. These profanities are powerful symbols that can be used to intimidate or to frighten away the things we fear the most.

In summary, Scorpio dis-eases are a result of control issues.

Sagittarius (Liver, Hips, Thighs)

Life has no limits for you; your future seems always bright. Sagittarius is the sign of expansion, and you live out its purpose by always looking ahead and seldom looking back. “Don't fence me in” is your motto. Your sights are set on the promise of tomorrow, but often at the expense of the realities of today. The harder you try to avoid these realities, the more likely you will be to confront them. Like your symbol, the archer, you aim for the sky. Focus is your challenge. While it is important to be aware of the promises of the future, and to understand the larger, more philosophical point of view, you also need to bring your ideals down to earth so they can be used creatively in your daily life.

Sagittarius dis-eases are associated with excess. Obesity, liver malfunctions, and alcoholism are associated with this sign. Overeating or over-drinking stem from either an inability to see the potential of how to attain your goals, or from dissatisfaction with the realities of everyday living. Learning to live one day at a time might be helpful in dealing with problems associated with excess.

Impatience, procrastination, and exaggeration are also ruled by Sagittarius. A broken leg or an arthritic hip will certainly bring you down to earth, where escape is no longer a choice.

In summary, Sagittarius dis-eases are a result of excess or fear of losing freedom.

Capricorn (Bones, Knees, Joints)

You need to know where you fit in the larger social structure. You are concerned with defining your territory, achieving success, and making sure you're recognized for your ability to respond to important life situations.

In order to find success within the social structure, you need to be aware of its rules and the boundaries that define your place within it. Yet, in the process of reaching your ambitions, it is easy to get caught up in the expectations, regulations, and limitations of society to the degree that you lose your individuality and flexibility both psychologically and physically.

If you hear yourself saying, “I wouldn't bend my knee to him,” stop and ask yourself if you have become inflexible and unresponsive to the needs and rights of others in your quest for personal success. Likewise, if your bones are becoming brittle is it because of your age, or is it because you have become crystallized in an inflexible mindset? Humility is the keynote here. Can you find success within the social system without becoming excessively authoritative or judgmental?

In summary, Capricorn dis-eases are often a result of inflexibility and excessive ambition.

Aquarius (Ankles, Calves)

You are the oddball of the zodiac; to you, conformity is synonymous with suffering. Your self-awareness comes as a result of rebellion and demonstration of your originality as well as your eccentricity. Never satisfied with the status quo, your mission involves breaking the rules, changing outdated attitudes, and introducing a new way of viewing the world. Your originality can develop into true genius, or when left undirected it can lead to useless rebellion and foolish risks. For this reason, Aquarius has also been associated with accidents and unexpected, unpredictable events.

Aquarius rules the more highly geared nervous system. When your urge to be unique and to break out of a mold you no longer fit into is ignored, nervous disorders could result. This sign also rules the ankles and calves. How many times have you twisted an ankle shortly after having done something erratic without thinking about the consequences? Is your body punishing you for rebelling? Or is it punishing you for not standing up to your right to be a unique individual, with unique ideas that don't always conform to the norm?

In summary, Aquarius dis-eases are often a result of excess risk- taking and unpredictable behaviors.

Pisces (Feet)

Developing faith in an unknown future is your major lesson in life. You need to believe in something greater than yourself, and you need the security of knowing that you are safe even when the world feels like it's a scary place. You are a dreamer; you are creative; you are also a little naive.

Life challenges you to make a commitment to something having value to others regardless of the material benefits this commitment offers you in return, or the level of recognition that is given to you as a result of your contributions. On the other hand, it is important that you don't invite people to “walk all over you” out of your sincere desire to serve the human race.

With faith as a foundation, you will stand tall. Lack, of faith weakens the very foundation of who you are, as symbolized by the Pisces rulership of the feet. If you have problems with your feet, maybe its time to examine your faith and the strength of your spiritual foundations. Fear, doubt, or past failure, when left unattended, can fester until they weaken the strength of your base.

The sensitive, creative, yet evasive tendency of this sign can also result in sensitivity to drugs or alcohol. Altering the psychic balance creates distortion and eventually dissolves the spiritual foundations upon which your life stands. Work to enhance your compassion without taking on the problems of the world. Learn to serve without losing your ego. Know in your heart that tomorrow's Sun will shine even if yesterday's weather was a little disappointing.

In summary, Pisces dis-eases are often a result of fear or lack of proper “grounding.”

Learning to Create Ease

It is not my intention to imply that the simple concepts introduced in this article can, or should be, applied when evaluating serious physical diseases or handicaps. Some things won't change regardless of how we alter our attitudes and behaviors. We can, however, change the way we let these problems affect us. Likewise, no one should use astrology as a means of physical diagnosis unless she or he also has a medical background. I do believe, however, that there are health conditions that people can fix by making changes in lifestyle or attitude. In these cases, astrology can be very helpful by pointing out what energies can be used for self-healing.

Regardless of your Sun sign, pay attention to the clichés you commonly use. It is possible that when you tell your subconscious that someone is making you ill, it will take you literally and manifest your suggestions. For example, if you say (or feel) that someone is always “pulling your leg,” don't be surprised if you lose your balance. If someone is a “pain in your backside,” it might be more than coincidence that you find yourself at the local pharmacy counter purchasing Preparation H. Always remember, thoughts are things.

It is equally important to realize that all charts contain all twelve astrological signs. If you have a copy of your horoscope, and you are suffering from a physical “nuisance,” find where the sign that rules the complaint is located in your chart. The house cusp it occupies will enlighten you to the specific experience in your life that is causing you physical distress. For example, if you suffer from frequent headaches, find the house cusp in your chart ruled by Aries and strive to function more independently in the area of life described by this house. Perhaps Aries is on your Tenth House of career. If you feel hemmed in or unable to function independently in your profession, headaches could be the result. Changing professions or taking on a more independent role could be your miraculous cure.