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Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in AstrologyEclipses have long held great fear for the mortals of this earth. They were regarded as being the portents of evil. So it is that in astrology, eclipses falling conjunct or in opposition to a natal planet has been granted the potential for all sorts of catastrophes. As in an eclipse astronomically, so in astrology the eclipse has the effect of overshadowing whatever planet or angle it comes into contact with. It may just be that the effect of an eclipse is to put some aspect of life into the dark while perhaps highlighting another area requiring attention. Eclipses are especially important when affecting the ascendant as this angle is representative of the general well-being.

The eclipse cycle is approximately 18 years when it will occur in the same sign of the zodiac. The cycle is carried forward by approximately 10 degrees and an eclipse at the same degree of the same sign will occur every 651 years. A new moon constituting a solar eclipse or a full moon constituting a lunar eclipse depends on how near the moon is to its node. The moon's node is the path where it crosses the ecliptic or path of the sun. That is to say, that it is the point where the path of both the sun and moon intersect. In order for an eclipse to occur, the moon has to be within approximately 10 degrees of its node.

Eclipses Affecting the Angles of The Natal Chart

Eclipses falling on one of the angles will automatically affect its opposite angle by reflection. The effects of an eclipse relate to whatever the house governs.

AC (Ascendant)

Eclipses affecting the Ascendant are said to be indicators of bad health for the native.

DC (Descendant)

Eclipses affecting the Descendant are said to be indicators of bad times ahead for partnerships.

MC (Medium Coeli)

Eclipses affecting the MC are said to be indicators of disastrous effects regarding the honor, position and credit of the native.

IC (Imum Coeli)

Eclipses affecting the IC are said to be indicators of upheaval within the family and home.

As eclipses affect the angles, so they affect the affairs of whatever house they may fall in. Falling on a planet, they show hurt or harm regarding whatever that planet signifies. Falling conjunct the sun, the life-giver, they are said to be dangerous to the life of males, either the native himself or the father. Falling conjunct the moon, they are said to be dangerous to the life of females, either the native herself or the mother. However, eclipses do not fulfil their effect upon the natal chart immediately, but at a time proportionate to the distance from the horizon at the time of the eclipse. Astrologically, the effects of an eclipse can last months when a lunar eclipse, relative to the moon's cycle around the zodiac. The effects of a solar eclipse can last years, relative to the sun's cycle around the zodiac.

All is not doom and gloom however, for eclipses can bring positive benefits in serving to focus on some area that may have been neglected and therefore ensuring that necessary action is taken.

Total Solar Eclipse

As a Solar Eclipse occurs at the time of the new moon when both sun and moon occupy the same degree of the zodiac, they are seen as new beginnings being brought about by radical change. Like a new chapter beginning in one's life.

Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse occurs at the time of the full moon when the sun and moon are in opposition to each other. They are at the point of maximum stress and represent the culmination of events, a catalyst, from which only dramatic change can come based on what has already been experienced.