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The Moon Wobble

The Moon WobbleAfter the events of September 11th, amidst the myriad of tragedy and dramatic changes, more people became interested in the Moon Wobble Cycle. September 11th, as well as the Oklahoma City bombing, the USS Cole attack, all occurred during a Moon Wobble, a Cycle of upheaval and catastrophes. The greatest terrible acts of Terrorism, as well as other forms of violence happen more during Moon Wobbles and Moon/Solar Wobbles than any other time. These Cycles bring suppressed energies in people and Mother Nature to the surface, erupting and disrupting. Moon/Solar Wobbles are essentially just prolonged Moon Wobbles, the energy is the same, just longer due to additional Cycles triggering the Moon Wobble Center point.

During Moon Wobble the instability factor is high, resulting in more accidents, fires, plane crashes, freak accidents, floods, and feats of nature, bizarre weather patterns, earthquakes, tornadoes, violence, Terrorism, riots, and political and personal upheavals. Some Moon Wobbles are far worse than others; at the least it is crazy. Someday when Astrology has major funding, the latitude and longitude of every city in the world can be fed into a computer and correlated with Moon Wobble Cycles to pinpoint the location and nature of coming disaster.

How long a Moon Wobble and Moon/Solar Wobbles lasts varies according to other planetary factors that can trigger the point of Moon Wobble earlier or prolong it turning into a Moon/Solar Wobble. For a Moon Wobble usually, the effects start about 10 days before the exact configuration of the Sun with the Lunar Nodes * and lasts 10 days after, around 20 days. A Moon/Solar Wobble can last as long as a month and a half. The strength of a Moon Wobble and Moon/Solar Wobble is the same throughout. It doesn't diminish or increase. It starts suddenly and stops suddenly. Some people can have a relatively "quiet" Moon Wobble and then on the last day all sorts of things happen. On a personal level, when an individual's chart is triggered by a Moon or Moon/Solar Wobble it reflects that the individual will be going through major changes.

Most years we have 4 Moon Wobbles a year, and occasionally we have 5 as in 2001. We always have a Moon Wobble when there is an Eclipse, because the Eclipses are involved with the conjunction of the Lunar Nodes. But, we have Moon Wobbles when there is no Eclipse, such as when the Sun is square the Lunar Nodes, as the September 6th till October 4th 2001 Moon Wobble. The effects of each Moon Wobble vary according to the Sign it occurs in and the planets' relationship to the Moon Wobble.

The best way to handle Moon Wobble is to be a conscious observer and not to react to the drama, because the picture often changes after Moon Wobble is over. One of the prime examples of this is in the romantic relationship area. More people break up during Moon Wobble, simply because emotions are on an irrational course during Moon Wobble. If you don't react and wait to deal with the situation after Moon Wobble is over, the other person often changes their mind and says, "They don't know what got into them." However, if you react, the reactions become explosive during Moon Wobble and the relationship can be irreparably damaged. One of the more interesting sides to Moon Wobble is that you often hear from someone out of your past, or meet them quite unexpectedly.

Remember, all Cycles ultimately serve our growth if we will work with the Cycle instead of against it. The Moon Wobble energy only magnifies any problems there are, heightening them so the problem or problems must be dealt with. If you face your Moon Wobble situation constructively, then it becomes a blessing.

Moon Wobbles were discovered when the gifted mathematician astrologer, Carl Payne Tobey's research revealed that disaster occurs in Cycles corresponding to the Nodes of the Moon with the orbiting Sun. The current Moon Wobbles are calculated by Signe Quinn Taff annually. The ascending point of intersection is called the North Lunar Node and the descending point of intersection is called the South Lunar Node. Mathematically two points of intersection in the same plane are always directly opposite one another. So, for example, when the North Lunar Node is in the sign of Taurus, the South Lunar Node is directly opposite in the sign of Scorpio. Because the earth rotates from west to east, the two orbits intersect with the Lunar Nodes moving in a retrograde motion always going, for example, from the North Lunar Node in Taurus into Aries, Aries into Pisces, etc. It takes approximately 19 years for the Lunar Nodes to go completely around the Zodiac and a Moon Wobble to be in the same sign and configuration with the Lunar Nodes. Each Moon Wobble pattern is different until it repeats itself 19 years later.

For example the space shuttle disaster on January 28, 1986 occurred during Moon Wobble when the Sun was in Aquarius square the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. This was a Cycle that also occurred 19 years earlier in 1967 when the spacecraft caught fire on the ground on January 27, 1967. Both disasters occurred with the Sun in Aquarius squaring the North Lunar Node in Taurus and the South Lunar Node in Scorpio. A 19-year Cycle that repeated a space disaster, the complete Cycle of a Moon Wobble.

Moon Wobble occurs as the transiting Sun makes contact with the Lunar Nodes. The powerful contact occurs when the Sun and either the North or South Lunar Nodes are in the same sign, which is the conjunction, or when the Sun is square, 90 degree angle to the Lunar Nodes. Because the Sun goes through the Zodiac in about a year, it will make approximately four contacts with the Lunar Nodes. For example, during a Taurus Nodal axis, the Sun when it is in Taurus is in the North Lunar Node conjunction. The Sun in Scorpio is in the South Lunar Node conjunction. When the Sun is in Leo it is square the Lunar Nodes, and when the Sun is in Aquarius it is square the Lunar Nodes. At all these configurations will be a Moon Wobble.

For instance, in 1976 during three of the Moon Wobbles there was a disastrous earthquake. I was on a TV show in late July of 1976 and predicted that there would be one of the worst earthquakes the world had ever known in the next two weeks during Moon Wobble. What occurred was the China earthquake on July 28, 1976, which was the second most devastating earthquake since recorded history. What made me predict a terrible earthquake during July of 1976 was that the North Lunar Node was in Scorpio conjuncting Uranus, square to the Sun in Leo conjuncting Saturn in Leo, while Jupiter and the South Lunar Node were in Taurus (Taurus, the Sign of the land and Mother Nature). Aspects of upheaval triggered by the Moon Wobble. We had more earthquakes in 1976 in the world than any other year in recorded history.

Important Moon Wooble Tips

1. Avoid getting car repairs and repairs on appliances because you end up having to take them back again in a short time.

2. Get medical and dental work done before Moon Wobble, unless it is an emergency. Should you injure yourself even slightly, get it checked out by a doctor because something minor could turn into something major.

3. Never get married during Moon Wobble, because the marriage date sets the tone of your Life together.

4. Don't go apartment or house hunting during Moon Wobble, because the reality of how something really is, is not apparent during Moon Wobble.

5. Try not to make a residential move during Moon Wobble, because it is more stressful to move at that time.

6. Nothing goes as planned during Moon Wobble, so be prepared to be flexible.

7. Some Moon Wobbles are dangerous for travel and other Moon Wobbles provide unexpected adventure on the plus side.

8. Get your chart checked to see if you personally are going to be triggered by a particular Moon Wobble so you can plan accordingly.