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Diseases of the Signs

Diseases of the SignsEach sign of the zodiac rules a part of the body, beginning at Aries, thus; Aries rules the head and face. Taurus the Ears, neck and throat. Gemini the arms chest and shoulders. Cancer, the lungs and breast. Leo the heart and back. Virgo the bowels and stomach. Libra the reins and abdomen. Scorpio the sexual system. Sagittarius the hips and thighs. Capricorn the knees. Aquarius the legs and ankles. Pisces the feet.

The signs all have diseases of their own nature and according to the part of the body they rule; although a planet weak and afflicting the ruler of health from Aries often produces weakness in Libra or in other words, the sign opposite the afflicting position is often affected, and sometimes the sign in square aspect is affected. For instance, Saturn and the Sun in conjunction in Capricorn causes weakness in the parts ruled by Cancer, and sometimes in Aries and Libra, and so on with the other signs. We give below the diseases of each sign.

The fiery signs rule principally diseases accompanied by fever. Earthy signs produce croup, colic, diarrhea, etc. Airy signs, pleurisy, nervous and blood diseases. Watery signs, cancer, dropsy, gangrene, gout, cramps, rheumatism, scurvy, colds, etc.


Headache, toothache, fevers, both acute and chronic, Epilepsy, apoplexy, inflammation of the brain, catarrh, etc.


Croup, diphtheria, sore-throat, asthma, bronchitis, and other throat trouble.


Accidents in the arms, biliousness, flatulence, nervous diseases, pleurisy, rheumatism and inflammation in the arms and breast.


Pulmonary Consumption, Dyspepsia, dropsy, cancer and false pleurisy.


Convulsions, fainting, palpitation and rheumatic affections of the heart, and eruptive fevers.


Diseases of the stomach, dyspepsia, colic, worms, diarrhea and dysentery.


Affections of the back, liver trouble, lumbago, sciatica, kidney trouble.


Principally affections of the sexual system, venereal diseases, rupture gravel, piles and female diseases.


Injuries and broken limbs, rheumatism, intemperance, (a large majority of Sagittarius people have broken limbs some time in life.)


Affections of the knees, such as sprains broken bones, rheumatism, and supposed by some to produce leprosy.


Broken limbs, rheumatism in those parts, varicose veins, nervous twitching of the legs and feet, and blood diseases.


Diseases and injuries of the feet, such as gout, chilblains, rheumatic pains and cramps in the feet and toes, corns, bunions and diseases caused by wet feet.