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Keywords of the Signs

Keywords of the Signs


BASIC - Self-esteem, initiative, pioneering.
POSITIVE - Ambition, courage, enterprise.
NEGATIVE - Self-will, temper, brusqueness, overbalance.


BASIC - Determination, interest in mundane affairs.
POSITIVE - Endurance, thoroughness, conservatism, harmony.
NEGATIVE - Obstinacy, argumentativeness.


BASIC - Intellectuality, literary affairs, work with hands, dualism.
POSITIVE - Versatility.
NEGATIVE - Changeability, indecision, superficiality.


BASIC - Love of home, capacity for home building, impressionability.
POSITIVE - Sympathy, sensitiveness, artistry.
NEGATIVE - Clannishness, timidity, restlessness, indolence.


BASIC - Vitality, authority.
POSITIVE - Affection, nobility, generosity, loyalty, dignity, leadership.
NEGATIVE - Arrogance, autocracy, cruelty, overbearing, vanity, ostentatiousness.


BASIC - Service, mentality.
POSITIVE - Discrimination, analysis, studiousness, hygienics, purity.
NEGATIVE - Criticism, cynicism, introspection, fear of disease.


BASIC - Capacity for partnership, art.
POSITIVE - Balance, justice, courtesy, hopefulness, artistic ability.
NEGATIVE - Indecision, lack of poise, emotional fluctuation.


BASIC - Secret forces of nature, sex, healing power, military affairs, surgery, and magic.
POSITIVE - Regeneration, courage, resourcefulness, ability for secret investigations.
NEGATIVE - Discord, misuse of sex, passion, temper, willfulness, vindictiveness, jealousy.


BASIC - Aspiration, idealism, orthodox religion, philosophy, law.
POSITIVE - Generosity, love of out-door life and athletics.
NEGATIVE - Over-confidence, dogmatism, fanaticism.


BASIC - Position, honors, ambition.
POSITIVE - justice, organization, caution, economy, authority.
NEGATIVE - Pride, suspicion, resentfulness, pessimism, unforgiveness, justice without mercy.


BASIC - Humanitarianism, science, new systems, corporations, universality, universal friendship.
POSITIVE - Progressiveness, cooperation, diplomacy.
NEGATIVE - Impracticableness, undervaluation of personal friendship, dictatorship.


BASIC - Sensitiveness to superphysical influences, sense of unity with all life, mysticism, ripe destiny.
POSITIVE - Intuitiveness, inspiration, compassion, renunciation.
NEGATIVE - Psychic negativeness, introspection, lack of confidence, secretiveness, procrastination, sorrow.