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Keywords of the Houses

Keywords of the Houses1st. House - Beginnings, early environment, personality, physical body.

2nd. House - Finance, freedom given by money.

3rd. House - Lower mind and speaking, short journeys, brothers and sisters.

4th. House - The home, the mother, conditions at end of life, lands, and mines.

5th. House - Pleasure, education, children, publications, speculation.

6th. House - Service, relations with employers and employees, health and sickness.

7th. House - Partnership, marriage, the public.

8th. House - Legacies, cause of death, occult tragedy, regeneration.

9th. House - Higher mind, religion, law, long journeys.

10th. House - Profession, standing in community, the father.

11th. House - Friends, hopes, and wishes.

12th. House - Paying debts of destiny, limitations, institutions for care of unfortunates, secrecy, mysticism.