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Key Concepts of Astrology

Key Concepts of Astrology A key to the understanding of all astrology is within the reach of anyone who truly understands the meaning of the following definitions:


The elements are the energy substance of experience.


The signs are the primary energy patterns and indicate specific qualities of experience.


The planets regulate energy flow and represent the dimensions of experience.


The houses represent the fields of experience wherein specific energies will be most easily expressed and most directly encountered.


The aspects reveal the dynamism and intensity of experience as well as how the energies within the individual interact.

These five factors a comprehensive cosmic psychology, and it is the art of combining them that results in the language of energy called astrology.

These factors are combined in the following way: A particular dimension of experience (indicated by a certain planet) will invariably be colored by the quality of the sign wherein it is placed in the individual's chart. This combination results in a specific urge toward self-expression and a particular need for fulfillment being defined. The individual will confront that dimension of life most immediately in the field of experience indicated by the planet's house position. And, although the urge to express or to fulfill that dimension of experience will be present in anyone having a certain planet-sign combination, the specific aspects to that planet reveal how easily and harmoniously the person can express that urge or fulfill that need.