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Cat Signs

Cat Signs


Your Aries cat will be feisty and exuberant. Able to leap tall tables with a single bound the Aries cat is truly an independent creature. The polarity of Libra to Aries, will make this cat a likable companion but watch out for his/her claws. Aries is the sign of the powerful hunter so if you Aries puss is confined to the inside some furry play mice are a mandatory part of the landscape. Do not let this cat get away with any sass or you will be very sorry.


The Taurus cat can lay in the sun all the day and just luxuriate. While a good hunter, this Taurus feline will create some major tactics to get you to do the providing. Loving to be touched and loved, the Taurus cat demands your attention and will sit on your lap for hours expecting you to be a truly loving provider. Compliments are very important to the Taurus cat and so is a very expensive and elegant collar.


Usually a Gemini cat will be a big communicator. If not yowling, it will be purring for you to pay attention. Rubbing around your legs and saying what is going on now. Then it will just turn its back on you and walk away. Look for lots of diversity for this feline finicky creature or you will have some major damage as precious baubles are turned into toys. The Gemini is a great playmate for kids and would be happiest if paired with a litter mate.


Moody but loving the Cancer cat requires the most when it comes to goodies and treats. If you want tricks you have chosen the wrong kitty unless you have found a Cancer cat with a Gemini moon. Mood swings are not unheard of and this may be the strange cat that likes to take a bath. The center of attention at one moment and hiding in the attic the next moment. Unpredictable and fickle at one moment and just as easy to get along with as a puppy the next moment. A real home body.


The sign Leo rules cats and a feline born under this sign is a true royal ruler of the house. These cats can make great house protectors and will bask in love and attention. A Leo cat will require the best in food and toys and don't try to throw in some old toy left over from a previous pet. It will not work. A diamond studded collar will make this cat happy though it might settle for rhinestones. Don't try to boss this cat or you may have a real temper tantrum on your hands. A monumentally great hunter when given the opportunity. If more than one cat in the family, this Leo feline will not be happy if not given the position as top cat.


The Virgo cat is finicky and extra clean and expects everything in the home to be the same way. This cat will not tolerate a dirty litter box and may just report you to the humane society if you don't keep him or her in an acceptable environment. Extremely loving, the Virgo Kitty will know when you are ill and might even try to snuggle up to the part of you that is hurting. Keep a special space for this kitty as Virgo likes to know that there is always a safe place to hide away when things get to out of control.


The Libra Cat will demand love and attention. Brush her/his hair. Clip his/her nails. Even a bath might be demanded as this cat knows it is beautiful and expects the person in his/her world to make sure that beauty is appreciated. Sensuous this is a cat that will adore a velvet pillow and needs a scratching post to keep nails looking good. Don't forget to tell him/her that it is beautiful or you may see some sulking around the house. Libra cats do not do well left at home alone so it might be good to consider a companion animal.


If you ever wondered about declawing your cat when it attacked you suddenly from behind the sofa you probably have a Scorpio cat (or one with a few Scorpio planets). This is the cat that will make a mess in your bed if you anger it or in some way offend it. You might not even know what you did but if you are single and bring someone over to spend the night, you may find yourself in some real trouble. This cat will relate well to deep colors for his/her pillow or bed in red or burgundy. A few tidbits of shrimp or tuna may get you a reprieve but this cat never forgets if you have insulted it so never forget to say hello when you get home or good bye when you leave.


This is a roaming fool in the cat world. The Sagittarius cat will have the most trouble of all the signs settling down and just staying in the house. The only sign that would be more difficult is your Aries Cat. The need for variety and spice of life is monumental for this cat. A Sagittarius cat makes a great familiar for working rituals (so does a Scorpio Cat) and could help you really achieve some magic in your life. If you like to travel, consider if there is a way you can take this cat with you. Training to a leash if you live in the city is an excellent idea as a walk is just up this cat's alley.


The Capricorn cat is going to act younger as it gets older. Always a little serious and into the comforts at home, the Capricorn cat needs to know that the best of everything is available. Never leave this cat at home without plenty of extra dry food when you are gone or it will have an anxiety attack. This is one of the most loyal of the signs and the Capricorn cat makes a great family cat. It will relate well with children and it is a good idea as it gets older to introduce a kitten into the household to keep it company.


Unique personality is definitely the traits of an Aquarian cat. It will adapt well into households with lots of animals and is friendly across species. A bit of a clown, the the Aquarian cat will probably have some eccentric look about it or in some way stand out from all the other cats that you know. Fiercely independent, this cat will need lots of quality time alone. This is a perfect cat to have if you need to work a lot.


The Pisces cat is most happy with a fix of catnip and some fantasy feather toy to play with and pretend that it is real. In fact this cat likes anything that it can play with that looks like something from the real world. A very intuitive creature, the Pisces cat will know when you are coming home even before you have turned on to your street. A lot of sleeping and dreaming are important for this cat. It would especially enjoy have a bowl full of fish (covered, of course) to stare at for hours.